3 Mystical Facts About Perigi Hang Tuah

Perigi Hang Tuah (perigi is a Malay word for well) is located in Kampung Duyong, the place where Hang Tuah grew up.

It’s believed that Kampung Duyong was founded by the parents of Hang Tuah. According to a local legend, when they were sitting by the river, they spotted a mermaid (duyong in Malay) and thus the village got its name.

According to folklore, the well is dug by Hang Tuah himself for his own usage during his stay there. There’s nothing much about well. The Hang Tuah’s well is just a laterite stone-lined well.

What is interesting is the legend that surrounds it. The legend of Hang Tuah.

Hang Tuah and his four warrior friends Hang Jebat, Hang Lekiu, Hang Kasturi, and Hang Lekir were said to have served Sultan Mansur Shah in the 15th century.

He was supposedly the most powerful of all the admirals (or better known as Laksamana in Malay). He is recognized by the Malays to be one of history’s greatest silat masters and illustrious warriors.

Hang Tuah wielded the Taming Sari kris which he won in a duel with Taming Sari, a warrior from the court of Majapahit. The legendary kris is believed to grant physical invulnerability to its wielder.

Perigi Hang Tuah

Perigi Hang Tuah
Kampung Duyong
75430 Malacca
Google Maps to Perigi Hang Tuah

Some Interesting Facts About Perigi Hang Tuah

  • The Antiquities Act on 29 September 1977 declared the well as a historical monument.
  • The depth of the Hang Tuah Well is about 1.8 meters.
  • The water from the well remains clear and clean after all these years.
  • The water never dries up, even during long periods of drought. When Melaka was hit by the water crisis in 1991, the well had enough water and was not affected by the drought. At that time, more than 20 families from the village get their water supply from Perigi Hang Tuah every day.
  • The well is a testament to the technology owned by the Malay civilization in the 15th century. The well-built structure seems to be pierced from lumps of laterite stone and there is a neat chisel effect on the wall proving very high expertise.
  • Normal wells are usually round, but Perigi Hang Tuah is shaped like a betel leave-like oval well.
Take a look at the clear water yourself.

Mystical Facts of Perigi Hang Tuah

  • The locals believe that the water from the well contains special healing properties, able to cure all sorts of ailments.
  • The water is said to be therapeutic and to bring good luck to those who drink it.
  • Legend has it that the well is the abode of Hang Tuah’s soul, which assumes the shape of a white crocodile. It is also believed that only a pious person can catch a glimpse it. The locals said that if you were able to see the white crocodile, means that you will receive good luck.

What Else Is Interesting Other Than Perigi Hang Tuah?

A cultural center in the form of a traditional Malay palace is not far from the well, but we will cover that in another post.

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