Malaysia Architecture Museum

The Malaysia Architecture Museum opened to the public in September 2005. The main objective of its establishment is to showcase the uniqueness of the architectural heritage found in Malaysia. Apart from being another tourist destination in Melaka.

The museum building was built in the mid-18th century by the Dutch government during their occupation of Melaka to house its officers. It also served as the Dutch officials’ administration center.  

It was then used as an administrative office during the British administration. 

Before being taken over and restored to its original shape by the department of Museum and Antiquities to be used as a museum in 2000, this building has been used as the administrative office of the Melaka Water Board since 1982.

The earliest plan of this building was to provide a place to display models and basic information about the important buildings and historical in Malaysia. The suggested concept was Malaysia in Miniature. However, taking into account of cultural diversity, the approach was changed into the concept of Colors of Malaysia’s Architecture.

This Malaysian Architecture Museum is the only such museum that is expected to provide a little insight into the uniqueness, privilege, and high quality of architectural heritage found in Malaysia to the general public.

This museum provides various displays and models ranging from a textual explanation, pictures and illustrations, 3D models, and murals. Models of selected buildings are also being displayed here. The explanatory information is all bi-lingual English and Bahasa Melayu. 

It is one of the famous museums in Malacca because not only providing the historical stories of Malacca’s development but also shares much information about famous places around Malaysia. 

Highly recommended to those who are interested to look for basic information about the spread of architectural arts in Malaysia especially for Malacca since the Malacca Sultanate era. You will understand how the infusion of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Arab and European influences have helped create some of the country’s most unique styles and designs.

Malaysia Architecture Museum

The museum arranges the displays according to the themes and all the themes could be combined to make a storyline. Since the size of the museum is limited, only major events are highlighted and arranged that start from Malaysia’s early beginnings until the post-modernization era of the modern hi-tech skyscrapers of today.

The Malaysia Architecture Museum building consists of two floors, which is divided into:

  • Ground floor
    • Introduction
    • Historical Development of Malaysian Architecture
    • Architecture and Beliefs
  • Upper floor
    • The Typology
    • Carvings and Motifs
    • Tools and Technology
    • Materials

Admission is reasonable, it is a small museum and will only take less than 30 minutes to cover it. It is also a great getaway from the heat of the scorching sun. It’s located at the heart of Melaka.

The Malaysia Architecture Museum is aiming to become a stop center or a resource center for research about architecture in Malaysia and also well-known from other countries.

For more information, you can directly go to:

Muzium Senibina Malaysia
No.1 Jln. Kota
75000 Melaka

Tel: 06 288 3599

Find the Stadthuys of Malacca, and this museum is nearby.

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