Makam Tun Teja – A Story of Love And Betrayal

Do you love Melaka’s history? Do you want to find more about the Melaka royal family? We suggest you visit Makam Tun Teja (Tun Teja’s Tomb) at Solok Menteja, Pengkalan Samak, Merlimau for you to find out more about the Melaka royal family.

Makam Tun Teja is the burial place of Tun Teja, the beautiful wife of Melaka’s Sultan Mahmud Shah who reigned from 1458 to 1511. 

Who is Tun Teja?

Tun Teja’s real name was Tun Teja Ratna Benggala, the daughter of the Bendaraha of Pahang at the end of 15 century, Seri Amar Di Raja Inderaputra.

She was exceedingly beautiful, kind, and well-mannered. Tun Teja is said to be too good-looking and her beauty became the talk of the traders to the state of Pahang. The news of Tun Teja’s beauty reached the knowledge of Sultan Mahmud Shah, the Sultan of Melaka, who at that time had already lost his first wife, Tun Kecil. 

His Majesty had sent a delegate to Pahang to propose to Tun Teja to be his wife, but was rejected by Bendahara Seri Amar Di Raja Inderaputra due to Tun Teja is already engaged with the Sultan of Pahang.

The story of Tun Teja was mentioned in Hikayat Hang Tuah and Sejarah Melayu. In Hikayat Hang Tuah, it was mentioned that it was Hang Tuah who brought back Tun Teja to Melaka to marry the Sultan, but in Sejarah Melayu, it was Hang Nadim.

The Hang Tuah’s Version

We’ll share with you the Hang Tuah’s version . Maybe we will add the Hang Nadim’s later.

The legend tells the story of how Hang Tuah charmed Tun Teja and whisked her away in the deep of the night away from her father and fiancé.

It was said that Hang Tuah, who had fallen out of grace with the Sultan, plotted to bring Tun Teja to Melaka to marry the Sultan in order to win back his favor.

Hang Tuah charmed the Mak Inang, Dang Ratna into believing that he was in love with Tun Teja and sent gifts to her via Dang Ratna. When this failed to win her over, Hang Tuah, with the help of Dang Ratna, applied some love potion to Tun Teja’s chair. The love potion work and she immediately fell for Hang Tuah and agreed to accompany him to Melaka on board his ship.

Tun Teja was in love Hang Tuah.

Once the Bendahara of Pahang, Seri Amar Di Raja Inderaputra, found out that Tun Teja had been abducted, he sent ships in pursuit. A battle ensued at Pulau Tinggi. Hang Tuah was victorious, and he continued his voyage to Malacca.

Hang Tuah however, told the beautiful Tun Teja that he was taking her to be the Sultan’s wife.

To help her forget him, Hang Tuah gave Tun Teja a hate potion called hikmat pembenci which made her forget Hang Tuah totally and eventually agreed to marry the Sultan.

How would you feel if you were Tun Teja? Being tricked to fall in love to one person and being tricked again to marry another?

How Did Tun Teja End Up Being Buried in Merlimau?

In 1511, the Portuguese attacked Melaka. When the situation became worst, the ministers of Melaka advised Sultan Mahmud to move to Kayu Ara palace in Bertam Hulu. At that time, Sultan Mahmud already hand over his throne to his son, Sultan Ahmad.

When Melaka fell to the Portuguese in 1511 the Sultan retreated futher to Muar.

Tun Teja was very fragile at that time. Sultan Mahmud ordered his people to carry her using a carrier. From Bertam, the Sultan and his people went to Batu Hampar together with his advisors, the army leaders, his wives, his royal family and the ministers. From Batu Hampar to Merlimau, they went through Bukit Katil, Duyung, Teluk Mas, Serkam and Umbai.

Her condition worsen and she became very ill.

He commanded his followers to stop and rest. That place is known today as Pengkalan Samak. Tun Teja in the end died, witnessed by Sultan and his followers. Sultan Mahmud decided to bury her there since the journey to Muar is still far.

Why Should You Visit Makam Tun Teja?

It’s part of history.

Other than learning history from the boards erected near the tomb, Makam Tun Teja is situated about 100 meters from the road and just beside a paddy field. If you have never been to a kampung before or to a paddy field, this is your chance.

Makam Tun Teja
Jalan Merlimau
Kampung Tanjong Pinang
77300 Merlimau
Google Maps to Makam Tun Teja.

There also an old well there. Make a wish!

Perigi di Makam Tun Teja

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