Jasin Hotspring

Have you been to hotspring before?

In the country that have active volcanic activities like Japan have many hotsprings. Because of that bathing in hotspring are a common lifestyle for the Japanese people. Although in Malaysia there is no volcanic activity, but we still have a few hotsprings.

How did the hotspring formed?
A hotspring is a spring that is produced by the emergence of geothermally heated groundwater from the Earth’s crust. The geothermal heat is heat from the earth mantel.

Do you know there are hotsprings in Melaka?

Hotsprings is one of Melaka tourist attraction. Melaka have three hotspring. Two in Alor Gajah district – Gadek Hotspring and Cerana Putih Hotspring, and one in Jasin – Jasin Hotspring. I want to introduce to you the Jasin Hotspring.

Where is Jasin Hotspring?

Jasin HotSpring was found in May 1884 in tranquil village in Bemban. It is located far from the traffic and away from the main road. The hotspring is located about 20km from the Ayer Keroh PLUS exit and about 10km from Jasin town. Your journey to the hotspring also will be filled by calm scenery of traditional village, vegetable farm and rubber estate.

What are the benefits from the hotspring?

The government of Malaysia had verified the content of minerals inside the hotspring. The minerals in the hotspring are magnesium, phosphorus, silica, sulfate, boron, calcium, chlorine and fluoride. These minerals are good for our well being.

The hotspring also gives health benefits to us:

  • Good for skin
  • Can cure skin related problem
  • Release stress by immersed yourself inside the pool.
  • Release toxin via sweat.
  • Facilitate sleep – go to hotspring about 2 hours before sleep πŸ™‚

What is special about the Jasin HotSpring?

  • A separated women hotspring pool with a hotspring well – It make it easier for women to bath privately.
  • There are different types of pool with different temperature (follows the Japanese style for hotspring bath) – there are pools for full body immersed, half body immersed and foot soak. Pools have about 400C to 500C water temperature.
  • Have water slides – to make the bathing more interesting and fun for adult and children beside make it feel like being in the water theme park.
  • Hotspring well – it will give the guest the experience to take shower with water temperature 500C.
  • Pool for children – the pool provide normal temperature water for kids to play and take a bath.
  • Provide labels to give instruction on how to take bath in hotspring – the label is easier to understand so that we did not have temperature shock when we take bath in the hotspring.

What are the other facilities available?

  • Surau – to make easier for Muslim to perform prayer.
  • Toilet and Bathroom – easy for the customer to take shower.
  • Locker – to put bags in it. Only to pay RM2. It can put 2 bag in one locker.
  • Changing room – for changing clothes purpose only. You do not need to go to the toilet to change your clothes.
  • Lodges – place for people to rest and eat their lunch boxes with family members.
  • CafΓ© and gift shop – for people to eat snacks and buy gift like t-shirt.

What are the ticket prices and the operation time?

  • Entrance are RM6 for adult, RM2 for children (weekdays)
  • RM 8 adult, RM 3 children (weekend)
  • RM 1 will be deducted if you visit for second time. Bring ticket as proof.
  • It is close on Monday except during public holiday (0900-0300)

I strongly recommend you to visit Jasin Hotspring and take a chance to bath in the hotspring pools when you come to Melaka. The hotspring have a lots of facilities and is suitable for the whole family.

Lets go to Jasin Hotspring. Good for your health.

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