Batu Berendam Coconut Shake

What is coconut shake?

If in Korea you can find Pat Bing Soo, in Italy we can find Italian Slushie and we can find ice-blended in most coffee beans. Here in Malaysia we got a unique summer drink which is coconut shake. Coconut shake is made by blending the ice, coconut juice together with its content plus some milk or soda. After blending it, a scoop or two of ice cream is added for topping. Some store even put some chocolate rice to the ice cream. The drink is really the best choice during hot weather as coconut juice help to cool off the body temperature and adding the ice cream will make your body feel refreshing.

coconut shake batu berendam

Coconut in Malaysia

Coconut shake in Malaysia became famous in 2007. Coconut tree is very common in Malaysia and easy to access. It is because the weather in Malaysia is suited for coconut plantation. Coconut tree is told to be the plant that has many functions.

Every part of coconut tree can be used:

  • The trunk can made a bridge and also as building material.
  • The thatch can be used as a food wrapper in Malay food and also can be made as a roof.
  • Vein of coconut palm frond can be made as a broomstick.
  • The coconut fiber can be made as a string
  • The coconut oil can be made as cooking oil or hair oil.
  • The coconut sap can be process to make a sugar.
  • Coconut juice can be drink to cool of body.
  • The white content of the fruit can be eat or even scrap to be a coconut milk as main ingredient for many traditional food in Malaysia.

Coconut Shake Batu Berendam

coconut shake

There are plenty of coconut shake stall in Melaka. I choose to give a review on coconut shake in Batu Berendam because the location is the most strategic. Batu Berendam is situated in Melaka Tengah district. The location of the stall is near the main three junction Durian Tunggal, Melaka and Cheng. The stall is situated about 2 KM from the Melaka International Airport.

Unique about the Batu Berendam Coconut Shake Stall

  • Location – near the main road that make it easy to find for the person who unfamiliar with Melaka roads.
  • Parking area – although the stall is near the main road but it have a plenty of room to park the cars and it situated in front of the small shops that have many parking area.
  • The numbers of workers – although the stall is small, the number of workers is high. It makes the work become more efficient and you would not have to wait for long to get a cup of cool coconut shake.
  • The taste of the coconut shake – the coconut shake is really tasty and the ice cream is so smooth that will give you refreshing feeling after a hot day.
  • The other special services – they also sell traditional “kueh” like keropok lekor, pisang goreng and cempedak goreng that works well with the coconut shake for tea time. Besides that, you can add coconut juice for free if you drink at the stall. You can also buy variety of local fruit that sell just beside the stall.

Others info:
Price – regular RM2, special RM 2.50. The special coconut shake has extra ice cream topping.
Operation time  – Saturday-Thursday (1230-1830) , Friday (1400-1830)

Coconut shake Batu Berendam is must try when you come and visit Melaka. You will find the way to refresh our body and relieve our thirst.

coconut shake batu berendam


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