Pulau Melaka, New Destination for Investors at Melaka

Pulau Melaka is a man-made island. It involved the reclamation of two islands, approximately 40ha and 50ha respectively. The island has a bridge linking to the mainland.

At one time, due to the global economic issues, it was completely abandoned. The project was affected for quite a long time due to the developer at that time was not able to continue with the project. Melaka State Government through the Chief Minister Incorporated (CMI) took over the project and continue. Not only it has restored the area, the Melaka State Government has given the area a new, fresher look. Pulau Melaka is not only just another place for tourism, but it will be a good place to invest.

Illustration of Pulau Melaka in future

The old shop lots and offices that were abandon before is also part of the drastic change that you can see in Pulau Melaka. The changes of the buildings by CMI have been given special attention to make sure that the buildings are in good condition. This is not an easy task, especially for the Melaka state agency. The buildings have been abandon for almost 10 years and a lot need to be repaired. In the end the buildings were sold back to the old owners. The new look of the shop lots and offices would surely attract investors to spend their money in Pulau Melaka.

The island is not made for commercial purpose only. At Pulau Melaka. there’s also a few housing projects. The apartment beside Pulau Melaka mosque is completed and could be used as a residential area, or if you want to make money, rent it out to tourist. You could setup your own homestay like the Kesidang’s homestay.

Pulau Melaka  is also famous for its floating mosque. The mosque it one of the most visited tourism spots for those who came to visit Pulau Melaka. It is also frequently used by Muslim’s around the area and Muslim’s tourist.

One of the attractions at Pulau Melaka that has been completed is the Wild Life Theater. The concept of the recreation center is to educate tourist on animal habitats. Other than that, there’s also the Arab City development. Arab City’s construction is a collaboration between the Melaka State Government and the developers from Arab countries where the design is according to the specifications and preferences of the people in the Middle East. This would surely attract more people and also businesses from Arab countries to visit.

Several other developments are in the pipeline, including the Eye on Malaysia  & Theme Park which is under construction, cable cars, five-star hotels and other commercial buildings. It will make Pulau Melaka one of a must visit place in Melaka, provided they can fixed the traffic jam in Melaka.


For further information about Pulau Melaka you can contact :-
Chief Minister Incorporated (CMI)
Jabatan Ketua Menteri Melaka
Aras Bawah
Menara MITC
7550 Ayer Keroh
Contact No :- 06-2307277
Fax : 06-232916
Image credit :- Melaka Hari Ini

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