Jasin Industrial Park

Jasin Industrial Park: A Strategic Place for Light and Medium Sized Industries

Jasin is a district in Melaka that’s growing rapidly. It also has an industrial park to further accelerate the growth of Melaka’s economy. The place is Jasin Industrial Park.

Jasin Industrial Park has over 202 acres for light and medium industries. The land is FREEHOLD which means you can own the land forever without paying a renewal premium, and foreigners could also lands here. The Freehold status enables the properties to be easily transacted without any restrictions. The park is completed with all the required infrastructures. There’s no problem for water and electricity supplies or telecommunication services. The utilities providers branches such as Tenaga National, Syarikat Air Melaka Berhad, and Telecom Malaysia are nearby.

Jasin Industrial Park map

The park is also located near the Jasin main road, which make it easier for tranportation access.

Its location is strategic. It is about 1 km from Jasin town and 20 km from historical city of Melaka. It has direct access to existing network of roads and expressways. It is 19 km from Ayer Keroh Inter-change and 8 km from the Jasin Interchange. It provides easy and fast access to government agencies such as local authorities, district office and others related agencies. There’s also financial institutions, business and commercial districts, healthcare services, recreational facilities and educational institutions available nearby. It could lower the cost of operating because it is being away from the major cities.

It is also situated near Jasin residential area. Labor supply should be well supported by the surrounding villages and minor townships. Melaka are also not short of skilled labor force. There are many vocational and technical colleges in the Melaka that could supply the human resource needs.

One of JIP’s client factory

The park also has a terminal for big vehicles such as lorries and containers at the park. So there’s no need for investor to have a specific space for lorries.

The developer of Jasin Industrial Park also supports Melaka government to make it a green zone, by including control measures and emphasis in the planning, approvals and monitoring in the various facades of industrial activities in the land.

The Jasin Industrial Park provides land and building for sale or rent. There’s 3 type of building for sale/rent:
• Ready Made Factory
• Proposed Factory
• Custom Factory
Not just sale the land, the developer also can assist and guide the investors to build their factories.

I frequently visit the park lately as my sister works at one of factory at the park. The industrial park has not changed much compared to my first visit about 10 years ago. There are still a lot of vacant lands. Only the last 2 years I see more building being constructed, but I believe that Jasin Industrial Park will see more growth in the years to come especially now that the Jasin Bestari town is completed.

For more information about Jasin Industrial Park:
Jasin Industrial Park
Asia Selatan (M) Sdn Bhd
No 2A, Lorong Gereja
75000 Melaka
No Tel : 06-2837167
Website : http://www.jip.com.my

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