Fascinating Melaka, A Popular Tourist Destination

Melaka is a historical, interesting and fascinating place. This is without doubt a true fact. Just compare Melaka with other states in Malaysia. Melaka as a historical city has numerous historical buildings, sites and locations that attracts local and international tourist. Not only that, Melaka has various interesting and amazing leisure and entertainment spots for its visitors.

I am actually from Johor and I am currently in Bandar Melaka accompanying my wife attending an official work of hers. We spend 2 nights in a nice and well established hotel. In fact, we have been here 3 times. In all occasions, we stayed in this hotel because the organization we serve likes to organize workshop or any official work here. For us, it is good that once in a while we travel out of our routine daily and weekly schedule. But we also thought why it is always Melaka, or sometimes Port Dickson? Why not places in Johor Bahru?

MenaraTamingSariPart of Melaka view taken from Menara Taming Sari

BoatMelakaMuseumThis ship is actually a museum and very cheap to enter

MelakaHistoricalCityMe and my family at the center of Melaka City

AeroplaneMelakaAnother tourist attraction in the heart of Melaka City

We drove our way from Johor Bahru to Melaka via PLUS highway. We exited the highway at Air Keroh, Melaka at about 8pm and find our way with the help of the Garmin GPS installed in my wife’s Nokia handphone. Travelling in Melaka at night seems to be very interesting. There are so many colourful lighting decorations and buildings. We saw some trees on the road sides decorated nicely with colourful lights, looking just like I-City in Shah Alam. It seems that there are so many places to visit here. These interesting attractions in Melaka are clearly visible and not hidden (located far away from the city). We saw a huge Mydin which looks like a Mega Store. In fact it is the biggest Mydin in Malaysia. There are also Dataran Pahlawan, Menara Taming Sari, Kota A Famosa, Muzium Istana Kesultanan Melaka, Planetarium, Dutch Square, Kampung Morten, Melaka River Cruise, Taman Mini Malaysia, Taman Rama-rama, Taman Buaya and Zoo Melaka & Night Safari. There are also traditional beautifully and creatively decorated trishaws in Bandar Hilir Melaka that we can hire to circle the town. There are many interesting attraction that I do not list here. “Wow, there are many interesting places here in Melaka. We should check them out”, I said to my wife in our MPV as we maneuvered to the hotel. “Yes, indeed there are”, my wife responded, agreeing with me.

This is just a snapshot of my experience and first impression on Melaka the historical city. There are more to be explored and venture. I will share them later.

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