Cowboy Town, A’Famosa Resort Melaka

Cowboy Town is located in A’Famosa Resort. We visited in Cowboy Town Dec 2012 when a few relatives came and stayed in Melaka. They wanted to stay in A’Famosa and see the show. Since there was an extra room in the Condotel, we stayed a night and joined the show as well.

Once you are in A’Famosa Resort, getting to Cowboy town is not difficult. It’s near the entrance, so you can’t miss it. You can either drive there or take the resort taxi for a nominal fee. If you are driving there, you better be early as it is packed during school holidays.


Although we have paid for the entrance fee upfront, we still need to queue to get the armbands. The entrance fee is as below.

Malaysian : RM 30 per adult / RM 25 per child
Foreigner : RM 50 per adult / RM 40 per child


If you are there early, there are a few things that you can do while waiting for the show. Take note that your entrance fee only includes the Red Indian Show at 8.30pm, Carnival 9.15pm and Firework at 10pm. You have to pay for the rest. The surrounding does reflect a real cowboy town, the rustic look. And also the staff with their Cowboy or Red Indian outfits

– The Ranch Steak House
– Huang Di Restaurant
– Kopitiam
– Coyote Disco Pub & Beer Garden

– Shopping Village



– Children Theme Park
– Fun Fair
– Angelic Massage
– Bowling Alley
– 4D Cinema
– Elephant, Pony & Antique Ride

The Cowboy Town was opened in 2002 and it was the visionary of the founder to relive the era of the Wild Wild West. I had the same thought. Since the entrance includes the Red Indian Show at 8.30pm, I was expecting for a suspense and thrilling performance. Something like a gun fight or shootout, plus horse-riding of the Cowboys chasing the Red Indians or the other way around, but I was disappointed. What I get was some Red Indians doing some fire-blowing and fire-eating performance. I am not sure whether the Red Indians in the old days do this in the free time or not. There was also some tribal ceremonial dances, which I can’t confirm the authenticity. The kids on the other hand, enjoyed the show.



Then right after that, there was the Animal Musical Carnival Parade. There were chickens, goats, a donkey, horses, elephants and more. Quite boring for teens and adults, but for those 12 years old and below, they loved it.


Followed by some colorful trishaws and some vehicles which I can’t exactly define.



Finally, at the end, the firework show. It was beyond awesome! I think this was the only best part of the show. We took a video recording of it, you can view the show here.

Address to Cowboy town.
Jalan Kemus, Simpang Empat
78000 Alor Gajah, Melaka, Malaysia
Tel: 06-552 0888
Please visit A’Famosa official website for the latest price and promotion.

Operation Hours
Daily: 6.00pm till 12.00 midnight

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