Getting to Melaka: By Bus

We will be publishing a series of articles on Getting to Melaka, and we are starting with how to get to Melaka by bus.

If you are not driving on your own, travelling to Melaka by bus is favored by most people. This is because Melaka is well connected to the PLUS highway via three major exits, Simpang Empat, Alor Gajah toll plaza, Lipat Kajang, Jasin toll plaza and Ayer Keroh toll plaza. It is also easy to access Melaka by bus because Melaka have 3 main bus hubs such as Melaka Sentral, Alor Gajah Sentral and Jasin Sentral. The location of the bus stations are based on their districts, Cental Melaka, Alor Gajah and Jasin.

Getting to Melaka by Bus from KL

As KL is the center of Malaysia, most tourist will transit here before going to the other parts of Malaysia. Previously, to go to Melaka from KL, you need to go to the Pudu Raya bus station, but now, there’s a new bus terminal – the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) at Bandar Tasik Selatan.


There are many bus companies operating at the terminal. You can buy the bus ticket at the counters or online. Most of bus will stop at Melaka Sentral and some of them will stop at Alor Gajah Sentral to drop off passenger. The bus trip is about 1 hours 45 minute.  You can check the bus schedule at their website here. The ticket price is between RM9 to RM13 depending on the bus operators.

Getting to Melaka by Bus from KLIA/LCCT

If you travel by air to either KLIA or LCCT, the express bus that is operating at the KLIA or LCCT is Transnasional. At KLIA, the bus terminal is at the basement while at LCCT,  Transnasional’s parking bay is outside of LCCT’s food garden. There are two destinations to Melaka, either to Melaka Sentral or Mahkota Medical Center. The bus trip from KLIA/LCCT to Melaka is about 2 hours. For more information, check at Transnasional website.


Getting to Melaka by Bus from Singapore

Melaka received a lot of Singaporean throughout the year and there are many express bus companies that operate from Singapore to Melaka. You can check to find the best deal for you trip to Melaka. Most of the buses will stop at Melaka Sentral, but you can check the details when you make your bookings. The bus trip from Singapore to Melaka is about 4 hours.

Getting to Melaka by Bus from Other Places

There are many direct express buses from other states from Malaysia to Melaka. Just go to the nearest bus terminal in the state you are staying for the schedule and ticket price. If there’s none, there’s always a bus to KL and you can easily find one when you are at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan.

Non Express Bus

For those who like spend time on buses to experience the unique journey, you can always try the non express bus, you can either take the bus from Tampin (Negeri Sembilan), Muar (Johor) or Tangkak (Johor). Some of the buses stop at the nearest district bus station such as Alor Gajah Sentral and Jasin Sentral. So if you want to go the Melaka Sentral, you need to get another bus.

Bus in Melaka

The main public transport owned by the Melaka state government is Panorama Melaka.


Okay, above are some basic information about how to go to Melaka by bus. Hopefully this information is helpful.

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