List of Bazar Ramadhan in Melaka

It’s still not too late to wish all our Muslim readers a happy and blessed Ramadhan.

One of the common activity during Ramadhan is visiting the Bazar Ramadhan. It is also well known as Pasar Ramadhan to some. This is the only time of the year where you can find all kinds of food in one single location. It’s only during Ramadhan that you can enjoy the food selections. If you are visiting Melaka during the month of Ramadhan, this is not to be missed. Take at least an hour to forget about the historical places, but enjoy the food instead 🙂

In Melaka, there are many Bazar Ramadhan to visit. Some opens as early as 4:00PM and closes just after iftar, but there are also the ones that opens until midnight. In this article, I’ll share a list of Bazar Ramadhan in Melaka:

1. Bazar Ramadhan Mega, Jalan Hang Tuah (until midnight)

2. Bazar Ramadhan MITC

3. Pasar Ramadhan Taman Cempaka

4. Bazar Ramadhan Pantai Klebang

5. Bazar Ramadhan Telok Mas

6. Bazar Ramadhan Peringgit

7. Bazar Ramadhan Bukit Beruang

8.  Pasar Ramadhan Taman Tasik Utama

9. Bazar Ramadhan Alor Gajah

10.Bazar Ramadhan Masjid Tanah

11.Bazar Ramadhan Duyong

12. Pasar Ramadhan Jasin Bistari

13. Pasar Ramadhan Stadium Rim


14.Bazar Ramadhan Merlimau
15.Bazar Ramadhan Klebang
16.Bazar Ramadhan Jasin Bestari

This is the list of bazar Ramadhan that I know. If you have any information about Bazar Ramadhan in Melaka, let’s share with us…

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