Coral Wonderland Melaka: Malaysia’s Most Touchable Aquarium

Remember ‘Finding Nemo’. If you do, then I am sure you also remembered Marlin, Dory, Bruce and all those beautiful sea creatures.  I am sure you and your kids enjoyed the movie. I did. If you like what you see, can you imagine what would it be like if you can touch them?

In Melaka, there’s a touchable aquarium for you to visit. Coral Wonderland Melaka is a place for you to visit as the aquarium is not just for watch only but you can touch the marine life. It is the first and only Coral Park in Malaysia. It also the longest coral aquarium in Malaysia and longest touch pool in Asia with over 1000 colorful species marine fishes and corals.

The school break for ‘Hari Raya’ is just around the corner. If you have nothing plan, then lets plan a visit to Coral Wonderland.

Where is The Coral Wonderland Melaka located?

It is located at Floor 4, Dataran Pahlawan Megamall Melaka, which is about 14 kilometers from Toll Ayer Keroh exit and situated at Banda Hilir, Melaka.


Coral Wonderland Melaka maps

The Coral Wonderland Melaka opening hours

Open daily from Monday – Friday ( 10.30 am to 9.30 pm ) Last Admission 9.00 pm
Weekend, Public Holidays and School Holidays ( 10.30 am to 10.30 pm) Last Admission 9.30 pm


The Coral Wonderland Melaka attraction

There’s many attraction places in Coral Wonderland Melaka such as:-

Shark Pool


  • Visitors could feed the shark (with guidance of Coral Wonderland Melaka staff )
  • Visitors could watch the shark reaction during feeding
  • Spot Blacktip shark fin when they swim up the water surface


Interactive Touch Pool


Touch the sea lives at interactive touch pool

  • Visitors could touch, feel and discover marine creature. Everything in the touch pool are safe to handle.
  • There are lobsters, seastars, sea cucumbers and many more sea creatures.
  • Visitors could feel the sharp spine of the sea urchins.
  • Learn about horseshoe crabs
  • Opportunity to touch the stingrays and bamboo sharks

Coral Reef Garden

  • Visitors could learn the importance of corals and the reefs to our life
  • Watch the beautiful corals moving their tentacles
  • Visitors could find out why the corals are endangered in the wild.

Life Cycle of Frog

  • Visitors could watch the frog in different stage in their life cycle
  • Learning how they breath in different stage of life

Snake Corner

  • Visitors could spot the colourful mimic snakse and how to differenciate them with the poisonous coral snakes
  • Learn why other snakes are scared of the King Snake

Clownfish Kingdom

  • Visitors could spot the Clownfish hiding in the Coral Reefs
  • Watch how shy and secretive the clownfish are
  • Watch how fast the clownfish dash around their kingdom
  • Discover how clownfish become immune to the sea anemones where they live

Arthropod Zone

  • Visitors could find out why spiders are not considered insects
  • Find out the usage of the spiders’ silk
  • Find out what the spiders eat
  • Find out the life of spiders

Seahorse Corner

  • Visitors could learn why the seahorse hold on the sea bedding plants
  • Watch beautiful seahorse and its relative, pipefish, in the Seahorse Corner
  • Find out why the Seahorse is endangered wild

Fun and Educational Quiz


  • Visitors could participate in the educational quiz with correct answer to redeem mystery gift

Coral Wonderland Melaka entrance fees

The fee for Coral Wonderland Melaka as below:
Adult: RM30 (Mykad/Mykid ) or RM40 (Non Mykad/Mykid)
Child: RM20 (Mykad/Mykid) or RM30 (Non Mykad/Mykid)
Senior Citizen  : RM 20

Coral Wonderland Melaka contact  :-

Coral Wonderland Melaka
F4-01 & F4-99 Level 4
Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall
Jalan Merdeka, 75000 Bandar Hilir
Telephone No : 06-2829966


If you want to get new experience and explore about sea life, try visit this Coral Wonderland Melaka and you will get the excitement and learn new things.

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