Gadek Hot Spring – Ideal Place For Family

Gadek Hot Spring or known in Malay as ‘Air Panas Gadek’ is one out of three hot spring spots in Melaka. The remaining are the Bemban Hot Spring and the Cerana Putih Hot Spring.

If your body feel weak, or you are a bit depresses and want to find a place where you can relax, Gadek Hot Spring maybe the answer for your problem.

Air Panas Gadek
Air Panas Gadek

The Gadek Hot Spring is located at Gadek, Alor Gajah. It is only 5km from Alor Gajah town and bout 25km from Melaka town. It also near to one of Alor Gajah’s tourist attraction, A’Famosa resort. Gadek Hot Spring is open 24 hours daily which mean you can go to the hot spring any time. It can accommodate about 500 guests at a time and it is frequently visited at night.

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