MELAKAfm: Melaka’s No. 1 Radio Station

Ever wondered what’s happening on the airwaves of Melaka? Look no further than MELAKAfm, the hip and happening radio station that keeps the city grooving to its beats. With the frequency 102.3 FM, this lively station, owned by Radio Television Malaysia (RTM), is your ultimate source for local news and toe-tapping Malaysian music.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the pulse of Melaka as MELAKAfm delivers a daily dose of rhythm and rhymes for a whopping 18 hours! From morning melodies to afternoon anthems, and twilight tunes to midnight jams, they’ve got your auditory cravings covered.

So, whether you’re craving the latest chart-toppers, itching for a lively local update, or simply in the mood to dance like nobody’s watching, just dial in to 102.3 FM and let Melaka’s No. 1 radio station take you on a sonic adventure through the heart and soul of Melaka.

Remember, when it comes to capturing the city’s vibes, 102.3 FM is the frequency that keeps the rhythm in motion and the music alive!

The radio station’s schedule is packed with a variety of programs, including:

Gegau Pagi MELAKAfm6am-10am
Santai Mfm5pm-8pm
Relaks Mfm8pm-12am

And on weekends there is Hujung Minggu MELAKAfm.

What Is Each Segment of MELAKAfm About?

Gegau Pagi MELAKAfmBrightens your mornings with the lively chatter of the radio hosts. Each morning brings refreshing topics that will invigorate your day. You can also interact with them through the MELAKAfm hotline and WhatsApp number 0108061023.
Pesona MfmSend greetings, request songs, and participate in discussions with government departments and relevant agencies on current issues.
PanoramaRelax and entertain yourself with the best selection of songs, including international songs and interesting information sharing.

Listeners will also enjoy the beauty of Melaka’s cultural heritage at 3pm through Dondang Sayang (Wednesdays) & Persada Pantun (Thursdays).
Santai MfmBrightens your evening with interactive sessions, themed nights, and programs that cater to different tastes and interests.

Malam Bunga-Bunga Cinta with DJ Fazz awaits the lovebirds every Friday night.
Relaks MfmEnjoy the finest song selections in the evening, including rock, Bollywood, Santai Buskers, devotional songs, and more.
Hujung Minggu MELAKAfmOffers a relaxed vibe with a selection of songs throughout the weekend, accompanied by different DJs in each segment.

A unique session every Saturday morning, where the simultaneous station program Yok Donga Be will accompany your morning with a combination of three radio stations from RTM Zon Selatan, namely JOHORfm, MELAKAfm and NEGERIfm. It is a program that showcases the culture and tourism of the three states and features various segments and music.

Take note that, when it comes to Friday, the focus during the day time is more on religious programs.

The radio station is a great way to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in Malacca and to enjoy the best of Malaysian music. So tune in today and let Melaka FM take you on a musical journey!

How To Listen To MELAKAfm

There are a few ways:

Aplikasi RTM Klik
  • Over the air: MELAKAfm broadcasts on 102.3 FM in Melaka. If you have a radio that can pick up FM signals, you can tune in to MELAKAfm.
  • Online: MELAKAfmalso has a live stream that you can listen to on their website. The link of the website is at the end of this article.
  • Through a mobile app: There are a number of mobile apps that allow you to listen to MELAKAfm. The official one is from RTM’s own application i.e. RTMKlik which can be downloaded from Google Play.

    MELAKAfm is a valuable asset to the community and is important in promoting the state of Melaka. The station is a source of news, entertainment, and information for people of all ages. Melaka FM is also a platform for local artists to showcase their talents and to promote their music.

    Calling all Melaka enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for a radio station that’s more than just a broadcast – it’s a community treasure. MELAKAfm stands tall as a vital pillar in promoting the vibrant state of Melaka, and it’s here to entertain, inform, and captivate audiences of all ages.

    Get ready to dive into a world of thrilling news, captivating entertainment, and a wealth of information that’ll keep you hooked. MELAKAfm is a trusted source that knows how to get your ears buzzing with excitement. But that’s not all! This dynamic station also serves as a thriving platform for local artists to showcase their incredible talents and unleash the magic of their music.

    So, whether you’re a Melaka local or an adventurous traveler stepping foot in this marvelous city, don’t forget to lock in to MELAKAfm. It’s your golden ticket to stay in the loop and discover the hottest trends, happenings, and melodies that make Melaka come alive (of course you have to understand Bahasa Malaysia first).

    Get ready to groove to the rhythm of Melaka, because MELAKAfm is here to rock your world!

    MELAKAfm address and contacts
    Jabatan Penyiaran Melaka
    Jalan Taming Sari
    75614 Melaka
    +606-2832314, +606-2832315 or +606 283 2073
    and FB page.

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