Malacca River Cruise – Night Cruise

If you plan to take the Malacca River Cruise, I would like to recommend taking the Night Cruise. You definitely need to go there by night so you can see the light effects. The surrounding buildings and bridges are all colorfully lighted up.

It’s much cooler at night compare to the hot sun during the day. When the river is light up with neon lights, you have a different experience strolling down the river. Melaka gets another look when it gets dark. It shines and it is beautiful.

You can also see people strolling by the riverside or having their drinks and dinner at the many outlets along the river.

There are few locations in town to take the river cruise. If you are driving I would recommend taking it from Taman Rempah jetty. There is ample parking space there.

If you are a photo enthusiast aka shutterbug, the best time to take a photo during the river cruise is at 7:00 pm, because you get the chance to take two panoramic views of day and night.

If you have the choice to take the river cruise, go for the night cruise. There’s no difference in the ticket price whether daytime or nighttime. It was only RM10 for Malaysian and RM15 for foreigners in 2013, while children enjoy 50%, but the price has increased. Check out the details at the end of this post.

Check out the photos and videos below.

malacca river cruise - night cruise
Image from Flickr

While I didn’t take the picture above, but I did take the videos below during our night cruise on the Malacca River. Please change the setting to watch in HD for the best view.

Malacca River Cruise – Nightime Videos

Malacca River Cruise: Night Cruise
Malacca River Cruise

I like the third video (below) the most. I think this is the most interesting place on the cruise.

The Kampung Morten or Morten Village. The only traditional Malay village in the middle of the Historical City of Malacca. It’s like a live museum. We just don’t have time to drop by Kampung Morten to visit or to take pictures on that day as my relatives are heading back to KL, but they are lucky to be able to see it from the cruise.

Kampung Morten – Malacca River Cruise

Malacca River Cruise – Daytime Pictures

Here are some pictures that were taken during the daytime. It hotter during the day, so make sure you bring enough water.

malacca river cruise wall art
Image from Flickr
Malacca River Cruise Day Time
Image from Flickr

Melaka River Cruise
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