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Melaka UTC Receives More Than 150,000 Visitors

Since it was officially opened by the Prime Minister in June 2012, the Melaka Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) has received 154,215 visitors. The agencies most visited are National Registration Department and Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia (30,000). While the ones with the least visitors is Unit Pembela dan Pembangunan Desa dan Pemantauan Adun (32).

Malacca Tables Surplus Budget

The budget, which was presented during the State Assembly at Seri Negeri, here, recorded a surplus of RM112,264. That’s nine years in a row Malacca has recorded a surplus budget for 2013. Malacca recorded a surplus of RM155,528 for 2012 and RM167,060 for 2011. The state government will concentrate on three key strategies – the welfare of the people, propel the state towards becoming a green technology city-state and boost the tourism sector.

140,000 Youths In Melaka Are Eligible For Smartphone Rebate

The one-off rebate of RM200 for 3G smartphone was announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak when tabling the 2013 Budget. For a person to be eligible for this, the youth must meet the age requirement of between 21 and 30 and earn RM3,000 and below montly. The logic of the rebate is to give youths access to the information highway. Well, whether the use it to enriched themselves with good or bad information, is another story.

Melaka Identifies 22 Sites for PPR Housing

22 sites for People’s Housing Projects (PPR) has been identified by the Melaka government. The sites will consist about of 8,330 terrace and flat units. The PPR housing project is an effort to assist the low-income group in the state.

Via Bernama, NST.

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