Kuih Udang Alor Gajah – A must try if you are at Alor Gajah, Melaka

One of the famous and popular delicacy in Alor Gajah is ‘Kuih Udang Alor Gajah’. This kuih udang is not only popular in Melaka, but it is also well know outside Melaka. The popularity of kuih udang made the owner expand outside Alor Gajah. Even though there are other branches, but the original is still the best.

I don’t know how old this stall exists but it already exist more that 10 years ago. When I first tried the  kuih udang for the very first time, it was in 1999 and at that time, it was already well know. Just that the stall is not as comfortable as what you see in the picture below. Back then, it was only a small stall and people who buys will pack and go, but now, after moving to this new place. It’s more spacious, clean and comfortable and you can eat it straight away.

The Kuih Udang Alor Gajah stall situated at N0.1 Menggong Food Court. It is at the end of the food court. Don’t worry, this place is easy to find.  You won’t get  lost as there are many landmarks to guide you to the place.  Just go to Alor Gajah and ask where is the ‘Alor Gajah District Office’. The food court is near the main road and parking space are adequate. You can park at the front or the one besides the food court.

It is also near the Alor Gajah fresh market. There’s one day (I’ve forgot what day) where a Pasar Tani is held in the morning and the parking space are fully used up by the Pasar Tani.  If you drop by during Pasar Tani, then you have to park elsewhere. As a reminder, get a parking coupon to avoid getting summoned from Majlis Perbandaran Alor Gajah (MPAG)’. You can get the coupons from most shops nearby.

What unique about this kuih udang?

If you buy kuih udang at other place, you just get ‘cucur udang’ and the sauce but this kuih udang will include tofu such as fish tofu, prawn tofu and cucumber. You can also add additional items such as a fried quail bird. It is really tasty with the ingredient and their unique sauce. The sauce is a secret family recipe and you can’t get the same taste at other place. Don’t be surprise if they serve everything in a plate.  You need to share it with your friends in one plate.

How much is the food?

I am not sure whether they have increased the price or not lately, but from my last purchased a 1 person set is RM3, 2 person Rm4.50 , 3 person Rm6.

This is one of Alor Gajah’s famouse delicacy. If you have tried it, share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Credit Picture :- Tailim Blog

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  1. This shrimp cake shop actually has more than 20 years of operation from the time I school. On Fridays must stop when I returned from school. Formerly a plate we eat only RM 0.50 a plate. The fill content many and the most delicious the cake sauce prawn certainly best.

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