Melaka First Chinese-style Mosque In Krubong


For those who love architecture, especially mosque architecture will love this one. This will be the first Chinese pagoda-inspired mosque that will be built in Melaka. Exact location is in Krubong. It planned to be completed in March 2014.


Paya Rumput State Assemblyman, Sazali Muhd Din visit the mosque in development phase

The mosque is estimated to cost about RM7.5 million and would cater to all Muslim near Krubong. The mosque is being built on a 2.4 ha land. It has traditional Chinese architecture and could accommodate over 2,000 people to carry out their prayers and obligations at one time.  It will definitely become a tourist attraction for its unique Chinese architecture. The mosque design is a combination of architectural designs of several mosques in Beijing, Shanghai and Xian. It would have a natural ventilation concept.

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Kolej Universiti Islam Melaka (KUIM)

KUIM logo

Education is an important part of our live. It is more than just about reading, writing or mathematics. It is one of the most important investments a person can make as it can help to open doors of opportunity for sustainable and viable economic growth. However getting a higher education after leaving high school is not a simple process as there are many colleges and universities out there. Even in Melaka, there’s a handful to choose from.

We have covered Melaka International College of Science and Technology (MICOST) previously, this time it is about Kolej Universiti Islam Melaka (KUIM).

Kolej Universiti Islam Melaka is an institution of higher learning owned by the Melaka State Government. KUIM philosophy combines elements of faith, academic and vocational education. It follows the goals of the Melaka State Government that wants a generation of knowledge and skills in various fields of Islamic studies, technology, social science and the latest knowledge in addition to a high resilience to address current challenges.

KUIM convocation. Best student get reward

KUIM offers program across a variety of disciplines including Islamic studies, business studies, Islamic banking, Islamic law, nursing, biotechnology and information technology that meets the certification of Malaysian Qualification Agency.

It is making psychology as its niche. It is the first college in Malaysia that is developing the course at the masters degree level. Partly as an intervention to reduce psychology related problems in our community lately. Are the people of Melaka really getting crazy 🙂

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TAPEM – Tabung Pendidikan Negeri Melaka Untuk Penduduk Negeri Melaka

Pendidikan amat penting dalam kehidupan bagi memastikan perjalanan hidup yang lebih sempurna. Kos pendidikan kini juga semakin meningkat sehingga menyukarkan ibubapa untuk memberikan pendidikan kepada anak mereka. Di Melaka, kerajaan Negeri telah menubuhkan agensi untuk membantu terutamanya anak Melaka untuk mengurangkan beban pendidikan mereka iaitu Tabung Pendidikan Negeri Melaka (TAPEM).


Tabung Amanah Pendidikan Negeri Melaka (TAPEM) telah diluluskan pada 5 Januari 2000. TAPEM berfungsi untuk mengurus dan mentadbir tabung bantuan atau pinjaman bagi :-

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