This Week In Melaka: Week 38, 2013

1Malaysia Kites Fly High in Melaka

Held in conjunction with Malaysia Day on Sept 16, the 1Malaysia Kites Festival drew participants from Malaysia, Singapore and China who flew colorful kites of all shapes and sizes. It was jointly organized by Friends of Kiters Melaka with the support from Malaysian Kite Council and Ministry of Tourism Malaysia.

I am not so sure why I missed this. I think I am more familiar with the Pasir Gudang kite festival than this one. Was it due to the lack of promotion or maybe the lack of coverage by the media? Read more at FMT.

Melaka’s Crime Index Drops 9.4 Per Cent

Between January And August 2013, the crime index in Melaka recorded a 9.4 per cent drop, said state police deputy chief Datuk Shah Gzali Khan Shahadad. 2,852 crime cases were recorded as compared to 3,148 cases during the same period last year. The state police had also solved 1,089 cases pertaining to several criminal cases including robbery, rape and murder in the first eight months of the year while 1,114 cases in the same period last year. Good job!

This is good news for the locals, but we would want to see a bigger drop. A small state like Melaka should be able to achieve better. We hope the police will continue to beef up their force. The most important thing is to make their presence felt. The more they are being seen, then the less opportunities are open to the criminal. Via Bernama.

Pickpockets On The Prowl

Electric Bus

While the police are working hard to prevent crime, there are those who always want to take advantage. Especially in the city of Melaka that is frequented by tourists almost every day. A new breed of pickpockets who are mostly foreigners, are on the prowl in the usually crowded stage buses in the city. The men, mostly in their 20s, often made use of the convenient platform of a crowded and moving bus to steal from passengers.

There’s a few short term fix that can be done. Increasing the frequency of the buses would reduced the crowded buses issue and another one is to have more spot checks by the police on the buses. Via TheStar.

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