Bukit Cina

One of historical hill not only in Melaka but worldwide is Bukit Cina. It is located in the middle of Melaka town. It is about 5 km from Melaka Sentral. This hill features 5  other hills including Bukit Cina, Bukit Tempurung, Bukit Tengah, Bukit Tinggi dan Bukit Gedong.  Bukit Cina is very well known because it is the largest Chinese graveyard outside of China. There are more than 12,500 graves including about 20 Muslim tombs in the 25 hectares grassy hill. It is reputed to be the earliest Chinese settlement in Melaka. The earliest grave found to 1622 but unfortunately many graves were exhumed during the British come to Malaysia.

It is also Melaka’s best jogging track.

History of Bukit Cina


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