Malacca Zoo – Gibbon Attacked Toddler On Tuesday

We just posted about Malacca Zoo two days ago and will be posting some amateur pictures 🙂 which we took during our visit, and now this news.

Is is safe to visit Malacca Zoo now? Well to tell you the truth, this is the best time to visit Malacca Zoo. One thing is the security and safety should have been tighten further due to this case and secondly, many people will be scared to visit the zoo and it will be yours to roam 🙂

Anyway, that’s up to you to decide. Now back to the Siamang story. A gibbon attacked two children, including one who was seriously injured. The male siamang first bit a 5-year-old girl on her ankle and minutes later, it attacked a 3-year-old boy and ripped off part of his right thigh. The girl received outpatient treatment, but the boy, Muhammad Afiq Haziq, was hospitalized in serious condition.

Here’s the news of the story:

‘Tame’ Gibbon Attacks Boy at Malacca Zoo

A 3-year-old boy was seriously injured in the right thigh when he was attacked by a 38kg gibbon at the Malacca Zoo here on Tuesday. Muhammad Afiq Haziq Kamarul was severely bitten on the thigh by the gibbon during the 2.30pm incident and had to undergo a three-hour operation at Malacca Hospital.

When met at the hospital yesterday, Afiq appeared to be weak and traumatized by the incident.

His mother, Anita Sulaiman, 36, said she never expected the animal to act with such violence as it appeared tame and was allowed to move freely among visitors. She said the incident occurred when her family was on their way to look at some birds. They had no intention of going to see the gibbons (hylobates syndactalus). Read more at NST

A Malacca Zoo Gibbon Rips Toddler’s Thigh

malacca zoo gibbon attack

An angry gibbon charged at a group of visitors at the zoo here and snatched a three-year-old boy from his father’s arms before biting off part of the screaming boy’s thigh. Little Muhammad Afiq Haziq was violently attacked and had a chunk of flesh ripped off from his right thigh after the 15kg alpha male primate climbed down a tree and attacked the toddler.

The gibbon had earlier bitten another young visitor, five-year-old Zukrina Abdul Hadi, on her left ankle. The girl received outpatient treatment at Malacca Hospital while doctors are attempting to save Muhammad Afiq’s leg from being amputated. Read more at TheStar


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