Kampung Morten – A Living Museum In the Middle of Melaka town

Do you want to see a village in Melaka town? Melaka has a Malay village located right in the middle of this historic city, called Kampung Morten (in malay, Kampung means Village). The village is regarded as a living museum since many people still practice the way of traditional Malay lifestyle. The village has many uniqueness especially in their housing designs.


The village is named after JF Morten, a British Land Commissioner when the commission was established in the early 1920s. Morten was involved in the development of this village, which was used to be a mangrove swamp. Othman Mohd Noh was credited as the founder of this village.

Kampung Morten is located next to the Melaka River, the one which is popular with its Melaka River Cruise. For those who took the ride on the Melaka River Cruise, you will get an brief history of Kampung Mortern by the narrator. It’s very colorful at night, and you see the uniqueness of the houses during the ride. I am very sure that once you took the ride, you would want to visit Kampung Morten the next day.


Unlike the urban villages in other states, Kampung Morten still retains traditional features such as home design, decoration and landscape. The government has also been helping the villagers by providing funds and assistance to ensure the village remains in its natural form. In 1998, the state government has gazette Kampung Morten as a traditional Malay village of heritage significance and turned it into a tourist attraction. The village has 85 homes including 52 Melaka traditional dwellings.

Kampung Morten will give the wonderful experience to every visitor who comes to the traditional village, your visit will be unlike others, that’s a promise.

Kampung Morten location

Kampung Morten is located in the middle of the Melaka town. It is about 15 minutes walk north of the historic city centre. You also can enter it from the bridge over Melaka River opposite the Majestic Hotel.

Attraction Place near Kampung Morten

Since it is located in the middle, it is very near to many attractions in Melaka. As I’ve mention earlier, it is near to the Melaka River Cruise which is about a 10 minutes walk. Jonker Walk is also nearby and the Stadthuys and more.

Villa Sentosa


One of attraction at Kampung Morten is Villa Sentosa. It is one of the traditional Malay wooden house that is open to public as a private living museum. Visitors can view an intriguing collection of costumes, furniture, Malay embroidery, muskets and array of interesting relics.

There’s no entry fee but you can donate to the owner. The private museum opens from 9am- 5pm (closed 1pm -2pm) daily and 2.45pm – 5pm on Friday. For more information you can call, Abdul Rahim Haji Hashim (06-2822988) for more information.

Kampung Morten Homestay

There’s also a homestay in that village. If you want to try to stay in a traditional Malay house and experience the in the middle of a city, then check out this homestay:

Image: Syimaazman Zones, Backpacking Malaysia

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  1. Apart from the mentioned sight seeing, do tourists get to be involved in the traditional activities (mat weaving, batik painting) and the sort?


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