Hutan Rekreasi Air Keroh

The Ayer Keroh Recreational Forest is located in the town of Malacca. Now, the recreational forest is known as Malacca Botanical Garden. It is first established in April 1984 and there are quite a lot of interesting amenities provided here until now. It has been rename as Botanical Garden starting from 2006. There are Prehistoric Garden, the Storyland, children’s playgrounds, the Aborigines Park, deer park, watch towers and some lovely picnic spots for recreational activities with family and friends. The 10 hectares of the place is allocated for the camping spots. Thus, people could visit this recreational forest for various recreational purposes.

The transformation from the old concept of Recreational Forest to Botanical Garden absolutely has shown the effects. The upgrading process ranged from the entrance, car parks and flower gardens. The car parks are simply free and the entrance has no fees. The visitors could bring along their picnic stuff and enjoy beautiful sceneries.

The Malacca Botanical Garden now provides a complex for car parks and there are several of gardens with beautiful flowers all over the place. There are gardens name after the flowers such as Orchid Garden, Bamboo Garden, Helicornia Garden, Yam Garden and also Herbs Garden. It is believed that almost 300 species flora and fauna are available here. It is one of the destination which offers soothing and relaxing environment during a visit. With the estimation of 92.5 hectares, visitors will have much more to expect from this place.

The most unique part of the Malacca Botanical Garden is about the Book Village. It is the second ‘Book Stop Centre’ in Malaysia after Langkawi and shared the same aim just like the one in Berlin and Norway.

You should pay a visit at this place some days. For any questions, you can call (606) 231 6095 or directly visit the Malacca Botanical Garden near Lebuh Ayer Keroh.

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