Jasin Hotspring

Have you been to hotspring before?

In the country that have active volcanic activities like Japan have many hotsprings. Because of that bathing in hotspring are a common lifestyle for the Japanese people. Although in Malaysia there is no volcanic activity, but we still have a few hotsprings.

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Batu Berendam Coconut Shake

Tasty coconut shake Batu Berendam Coconut Shake is one of my personal preferences. When we came to Melaka we always go to this place to …

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Seri Negeri – Melaka’s State Government Office

Have you ever heard about Seri Negeri? If you do a search at Google, you won’t find any suitable or complete information about it. I hope that this entry would help you to understand the functions of Seri Negeri.

What can we find in Seri Negeri?

Seri Negeri is not a place of tourism or a business centre, but it is important place for the development of Melaka. This is the main Melaka State Government administrative office. It also known as the Melaka’s Chief Minister Offic as his office is located on the 4th floor.

Other high level state govermemnt officers offices’ are also located at Seri Negeri. For example – the Secretary of State Government, State Finance Office, Executive Council State Government. The Governor’s office is also located here. Seri Negeris comprises of state’s departments and agencies offices. Everything related to the Melaka’s government is at Seri Negeri.

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Muzium Samudera

Pemandangan dari Menara Taming Sari

Masa zaman kanak-kanak dulu, mak dan ayah membawa kami ke sebuah kapal yang sangat besar di Melaka. Ia lebih dikenali sebagai kapal Diana. Namun saya tidak …

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